Gifting the 'perfect' bottle.

Gifting the 'perfect' bottle.

Feb 09, 2023

I'm sure I saw them drink this white wine once? or maybe it was red...I could just get a bottle of gin, that's safe...I've been in here way too long...this was a terrible idea.

The fundamentals of buying an alcohol based gift? 

  1. Have a budget in mind.
  2. Have a rough idea of what the recipient likes.
  3. Shop independent/local. (so that you can follow point 4)
  4. Trust the retailer.
  5. Ask for advice.


Whether it's in-store or online, shopping small/independent/local guarantees that there is a professional on hand to help, always. Importantly, it also eliminates much of the element of 'surprise' (their selection has already been hand-picked). Most importantly, choosing The Wine Box means you can have a coffee, have a wander round, and pick something really special.

Asking for help can be as simple as, "I have £20, what can you recommend for someone whom likes gin?" or as complicated as, "we went to Argentina once and drank a Malbec, I'd love to recreate that moment with a similar bottle...could you recommend a wine and a meal to have with it?"

We at The Wine Box are armed with both knowledge and passion for all things alcohol and experience. Not only can you pop in-store to take us up on that coffee and consultation, but our website's 'Chat' feature enables us to help you virtually, 24/7.

To simplify the process, here are our top 10 gifts:

  1. Fazzoletto Barbera Passito - £8.50Fleshy, juicy red. Ripe plums and cherries. A top tier crowd pleaser.
  2. Escorihuela Gascon the President's Blend - £35. Cassis, black plums, spices, herbs, cloves, vanilla and cocoa. Round, velvety tannins with a great balance between tight acidity and a long finish. Truly delicious, perfect for a red wine LOVER.
  3. Botter Organic Pinot Grigio delle Venezia - £10. Large, fresh bouquet with apple notes. Ideal for any fish eater or casual white winer drinker...
  4. A Love Story in Three Acts - £11.50. Fresh gooseberries, elderberry, exotic fruits and a fine acidity. Wonderful wine at a wonderful price. Great for everyone.
  5. Ch. Routas Rose Coteaux Varois - £9.50. Watermelon, peach and wild strawberry. Crisp acidity and a refreshing finish. An unparalleled Provence rose for the price.
  6. #Lou Rose by Peyrassol - £11.50. A pale, delicate rose with slight notes of small berries and juniper and a whack of exotic fruits. Classic Provence style with an elegant twist. The bottle alone is gift-worthy!
  7. Della Vite Prosecco DOC - £17.50. Crisp and light, packed with perfume of jasmine and lavender with notes of gooseberry and fresh dates. Impeccable Prosecco for the price tag, beautiful bottle...all round great gift.
  8. Chapel Down Three Graces English Sparkling Wine (2015) - £38. A beautiful array of flavours, from lemon sherbet and strawberry to brioche and fresh bread...this sparkling wine has wonderful depth and delicacy making it a really wonderful gift for any occasion. 
  9. Torbay Gin - £39.50. Firstly, this gin turns pink when you add tonic water! A true homage to its roots, this gin is juniper led with fresh orange, locally grown thyme and a dash of South Devon sea spaghetti. We love it, and so will everyone else.
  10. Devon Honey Spiced Rum - £39. Hand-crafted and bottled in the heart of Devon. Aromatic spices, local wild flower honey and Devon spring water make this a real heartfelt statement piece.

 If you ever find yourself lost for inspiration for someone you care about, just reach out to us. We, and small businesses like us, are built to help!

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