The best wine with lamb

Lamb is a dish that has been enjoyed by many cultures for centuries. The flavour of lamb can be enhanced by pairing it with the right wine, and often red wine is the most popular choice.

It may be tough to decide on the best wine with lamb dishes, especially because there are so many various ways to cook lamb and so many distinct sorts of wine to choose from.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding which wine goes best with your lamb dishes, but here are some of our suggestions. Enjoy!

Pairing wine with lamb chops

Pinot Noir is a good match for lamb chops. The wine is fruity with notes of cherry and raspberry, and it has a light body that won’t overpower the delicate flavour of the lamb.

If you’re looking for something a little more full-bodied, try a Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is earthy and peppery, with flavours of blackberry and cassis to compliment the different flavours of the lamb.

Choosing wine for some popular lamb dishes

Classic British lamb dishes

A red Bordeaux, cabernet sauvignon, or merlot would go beautifully with British dishes like shepherd’s pie and a Lancashire hotpot.

Lamb curry dishes

Lamb curry is a delicious dinner that may be enjoyed with an equally tasty drink. However, certain wines are superior to others when it comes to eating with lamb curry. The tastes in this dish differ widely, so you’ll need to choose a wine that goes well with all of them.

One of the best wines for pairing with lamb curry is a Pinot Noir. This wine is very full bodied and goes great with many different flavours from spices to fruits. Lamb curry may be paired with red and white wines, depending on how spicy you make it. Try a Malbec or Syrah for a more subtle, mild lamb curry. An aged Riesling would be fantastic in the making of a hot lamb curry.

Moroccan Lamb dishes

Moroccan lamb is a North African dish cooked with spices. It is usually served with couscous and a salad. Rhône and Languedoc-Roussillon are among the best wine choices to have with lamb dishes that’s characteristics are more robust, like a Moroccan tagine.

Zinfandel is also a good full-bodied wine option, with flavours of blackberry, raspberry, and plum, which will complement the spices in the Moroccan lamb.

Roast lamb

Roasted lamb is a delicious and versatile dish that’s great for special occasions or everyday dinner. Rack of lamb and leg of lamb are excellent compliments to a wide range of red wines. Pinot noir, in particular, is an excellent choice if the meal will be served medium-rare.

Other good reds to pair with the dish include: cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and zinfandel.

Italian-style lamb

The flavour of Italian lamb is much milder than many other dishes but still benefits from a wine’s acidity.

If you’re preparing Italian-style lamb, go for a bottle of Chianti Classico. Its crisp acidity works wonderfully with the mild fattiness of lamb.

So, to wrap things up, it is important to note that each lamb dish has a different flavour profile and wine pairing suggestions should be tailored accordingly.

Now that you know some of the best wines to pair with different types of lamb dishes, it’s time to get cooking!

We hope this blog has been helpful and informative for your wine-buying needs. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

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