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Botas de Barro Jumilla Old Vine Monastrell


Jumilla is located in the province of Murcia, between the Mediterranean coast and the Castilla de La Mancha high, flat arid plains. The area is characterised by its wide valleys and high plains dotted with mountains at an altitude between 320 and 900m above sea level.  Soils are chalky brown with high pebble content which creates well drained and aerated soils. Its semi arid “continental-mediterranean” climate is the driest wine region in Spain with only 280mm of rain per year! The difference in maximum temperatures (in summer 45ºC) and minimum temperature (in winter, -10ºC) is striking.

The star grape varietal here is Monastrell, a grape that produces wines of intense colour, good structure with rounded tannins and intense fruit flavours (black berry fruits, ripe fruit, cherries, strawberry and blackcurrants).

Intense red cherry-colour with violet edging. On the nose, ripe red and black fruits with balsamic, toasted and minerality notes. In the mouth it is fresh, alive, full, juicy with good tannic structure and gives a long finish.

ABV: 13.5

Country: Spain

Region: Jumilla


  • Monastrell
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