Conker Bowser Leaf 0.0% Zero Alcohol


Your Alcohol-free G&T - dry and delicious served long with a classic tonic and a slice of lemon. Bowser LEAF is an Alcohol-free exploration of the fresh, herbaceous foliage of plants, derived entirely from the spring water distillation of five honest botanicals.

MINT, TARRAGON, PATCHOULI, THYME and BASIL come together to deliver a lively and complex alcohol-free drinking experience like no other. A fresh bouquet of savoury green flavour, spice and natural sweetness pops from the glass, with a moreish and lingering dryness.

The 0% distillery, liberating flavour with the spring water distillation of botanicals, free from the distraction of alcohol.

The raw essence of botanicals captured in a spring water distillate. The very definition of purity and clarity of flavour.

ABV: 0.0%

Country: UK



SKU: CS06BOWB ISBN: 5060432770389
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