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Crodino Non Alcoholic Aperitif

Country: Italy

Crodino was born in 1965. Its creation came in a historic moment when, in Italy, different liquorists and entrepreneurs were searching for a non-alcoholic or low alcohol drinks, as consumers were asking more and more for this kind of product: a trend that is nowadays repeating itself, with consumers ever more interested in low or no alcohol propositions. That’s why Crodino has become a part of the Italian culture and loved even outside Italy. And nowadays, more and more people are craving to try Crodino and its unique taste: Crodino lands in new geographies with its unmistakable flavour and its original recipe.

The “aperitivo” is that moment of the day when the sun sets, and you just need to chill out in some positive energy with your favorite people. You can have one in your bar of choice or at home, wherever you feel better with yourself. In the end, it’s a great excuse to see your friends or meet new people, to have a laugh or just to listen to some music and relax. An aperitivo has got no rules! We just recommend you to enjoy Crodino with some simple yet good food, like bites of cheese or tapas. In that moment, life will be good like a walk in the Italian sunset.

ABV: 0.0%

Country: Italy



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