Dartmoor Distillery

Dartmoor Bordeaux Cask Malt Whisky 70cl


With soft fruit and blackcurrant on the nose, on the palate you’ll find distinct wine gum flavours, followed by hints of coconut and chocolate. This exquisite ex-Bordeaux cask whisky finishes with a sweet and floral complexity, enticing you for another sip.

The barley is grown on Dartmoor National Park before being traditionally floor malted in Warminster. The malt is then turned into beer wash in Princetown on Dartmoor, before being distilled in our 1966 alembic copper still where we craft our sweet and smooth new-make spirit.

The Dartmoor spirit is then matured in one single red wine cask in the cool quiet of our cellar, which we’ve hand-selected from Bordeaux, a region world-renowned for being one of the best wine growing regions in France.

ABV: 46%

Country: UK

Region: Devon


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