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Devon Rum Gift Set 5cl x 3

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Country: UK
Discover the wonderful world of artisan spiced rum with a Miniatures Taster Gift Set! This stylish gift set features a 5cl bottle of our Premium Spiced, Honey Spiced, and Premium Golden Rums - presented in a nifty gift box with a sleek Devon Rum Co sleeve. Premium Spiced Rum (5cl / 40%) The Premium Spiced Rum features rich aromas of charred orange peel, smooth caramel and hints of cardamom. This is a drier rum, with a warm crackle of cinnamon and tangy star anise, followed by fresh citrus zest, a touch of maple syrup and a smack of peppercorn. Honey Spiced Rum (5cl / 37.5%) YThe Honey Spiced Rum features light floral notes, with undertones of spicy cardamom and fruity raisins. This is a sweeter spiced rim, infused with Devon wildflower honey, twists of lemon zest, juicy raisins and a generous pinch of allspice. Premium Golden Rum (5cl / 40%) The Premium Golden Rum opens with notes of rich caramel, smoky oak, tobacco, and ripe banana. It finishes with smooth tastes of butterscotch , lightly toasted oak, and hints of fresh citrus zest.

ABV: 0.0%

Country: UK

Region: Devon


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