D'Oliveiras Madeira 3 Year Old Medium Dry 37.5cl


Made predominantly from Tinta Negra Mole grapes the fermenting juice is fortified before undergoing a maturation process unique to Madeira - the Estufa system. During a period of around 3 months the wine is gradually heated to over 40°C before being allowed to cool. After this it's aged for three years in oak before bottling. During this time it has developed a full and complex texture with hints of raisins, hazlenuts and caramel. Soft and generous with a just touch of sweetness which rounds it out nicely.

Good as an aperitif served slightly chilled with a little ice. It matches well with cheese and also smoked fish.

An elegant tawny, golden colour this is a full and soft Madeira. Refreshingly dry with just a hint of richness.

ABV: 19.0%

Country: Madeira



  • Tinta Negra Mole
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