D'Oliveiras Madeira 5 Year Old Sweet 37.5cl


After pressing the fermentation is halted by fortification at the right point to achieve the desired degree of sweetness or dryness. It then undergoes a maturation process unique to Madeira - the Estufa system. During a period of around 3 months the wine is gradually heated to over 40°C before being allowed to cool. After this it's aged for five years in oak before bottling to mature and develop character. This is an intensely concentrated and luscious wine which is unctuously smooth and rich. Alongside honeyed aromas are some citrus hints to complement the main theme of ripe, rich fruitiness.

Most definitely made for after dinner drinking alongside things like walnuts and dates.

A dark gold Madeira full of candied fruit aromas and a warming hint of caramel.

ABV: 19.0%

Country: Portugal

Region: Madeira


  • Tinta Negra
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