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Domaine Breton Vouvray La Dilettante Sec 75cl

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Country: France

The Loire Valley-based Domaine Breton wine brand is a family-owned label that has been run by five generations of the Breton family. The history of Catherine and Pierre Breton’s historic vineyards dates back to 1886; however, it was during 1985 that the first Cuvee was vinified by Pierre.

The family vineyards of Domaine Breton are spread across the fertile and diverse Loire Valley, where you can find different soil types such as alluvial, clayey, limestone, flint clay, siliceous clay and so on. The three main regions where the vineyards can be found are Bourgueil, Vouvray and Chinon.

ABV: 12.0%

Country: France

Region: Loire


  • Chenin Blanc
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