Domaine Mas Barrau

Domaine Mas Barrau Cabernet Franc

Country: FranceSuggested Food Pairing: Lamb

Guillaume Letang looked specifically for vines which are south-facing, and thus receive the most sunlight, to source the Cabernet Franc grapes for this wine. The terroir is full of limestone which gives rich yet soft and lightly acidic wine – this in turn gives the drinker a pleasantly sweet sensation on the palate.

Textured and luxurious this is a sophisticated Cabernet Franc from Gard. There is a wild 'after the rain' woodland perfume. The palate is incredibly long and layered with bramble fruit, bay and a touch of sweet prune on the finish.

Juicy lamb shanks, rich tomato based dishes laced with roasted garlic and pepper, marinated steak with mashed potato and green beans or savour it at the end of the meal over a good cheeseboard.

ABV: 13.5%

Country: France

Region: Languedoc


  • Cabernet Franc
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