Tenute Orestiadi

Frappato DOC Sicilia,Tenute Orestiadi


In the heart of Sicily Tenute Orestiadi produce wines with the aim of tracing routes that unite the people of the Mediterranean. A co-oprative that collects and vinifies the best grapes grown on the island of Sicilly, from the Belìce Valley to the slopes of Mount Etna.

The Frappato from the "La Selezione" line of Tenute Orestiadi, grown at 200 meters above sea level, on the gentle hills of the Trapani hinterland, adapting very easily to the dry and windy climate of Western Sicily. The grapes are harvested by hand at the beginning of September. 

A full-bodied and well-balanced red, characterized by a scent of ripe red fruit, accompanied by the sweetness of vanilla, given by the toasting of the wood. The tannin is soft and well polished, the finish long and persistent.

ABV: 13.0%

Country: Italy

Region: Sicilly


  • Frappato
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