Hard Lines

Hard Lines Kenya Kieni 250g

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Kieni is a well known and highly regarded washing station in the Nyeri region of Kenya and has been producing high quality lots consistently for many years now. Naturally, when cupping this years harvests and we came across this beauty it was obvious we had to buy it. It has all the characteristics that we love in Kenyan coffee; a rich, loaded profile full of purple fruits, layered with florals and a citrus zest acidity. IT HAS EVERYTHING!

This is one of three lots we are featuring from Kenya this year, all distinct in their own way and chosen to showcase the breadth of flavour that Kenya can produce. This is our all-rounder lot, check out our Kainamui AA for a light, bright and juicy filter, or Gathaithi AA for a heavier, bolder profile on espresso.

Tastes like: Blackcurrant, rosehip and lemon zest.





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