Hard Lines

Hard Lines Mexico Nahual 250g

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Of all the worlds coffee growing regions Mexico could fairly be described as the one in most need of support from the wider industry. With yields per hectare a fraction of what they are in the likes of Colombia and Brazil coupled with high rates of extreme poverty, marginalisation and emigration to areas with greater prospects, the future of coffee growing in Mexico looks uncertain.

But there are small pockets of hope, which buoy the outlook somewhat. The work that Ensambles Cafes Mexicanos have been doing shows promise of a brighter future for Mexican coffees. Through working closely with a local agronomist they have trained producers in the importance of selective picking, sorting and effective drying to improve quality, increase the payments made to producers and encouraging further improvements. Growing rapidly from 5 to 193 producers in 6 years is a serious achievement, and we cannot wait to see what the next 6 years brings!

Taste: Cherry, Caramel, Sweet.





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