Hawkstone Session Lager 4.0% 330ml Bottles


You've seen it on TV, now you can taste Jeremy Clarkson very own beer range straight from Diddy Squat Farm.

Meet the Brewer:

Rick’s father had hoped that he would follow in his footsteps and become a doctor. Rick however had other ideas. He was introduced to the joy of beer and the profession of brewing by Uncle Bob whose good friend was Head Brewer at Boddingtons. After some disastrous home experiments which he tested on his friends, he embarked upon a 4 year long brewing and distilling degree. After graduating, he spent several years at big brewers before moving to Pilgrim microbrewery to experience the more hands-on approach to brewing.

16 years later, a chat with Jeremy about supplying Diddly Squat has resulted in the collaboration between Farmer and Brewer, both equally driven and passionate about their work.

We call it our session lager with good reason: light on the palate, subtly hopped, with a sweet, biscuity malt finish. The Hawkstone Session is not just easy-drinking, but it's also incredibly moreish. 

ABV: 4.0%

Country: United Kingdom



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