House of Beja

House of Beja Blanco


House of Beja is more than just an Alentejano wine: it encapsulates the character and soul of this wine region and is synonymous with the Portuguese way of life — good food, good wine, love and tradition.

A blend of Antão Vaz and Verdelho. The grapes are hand- picked to ensure a gentle selection of bunches from the vines. After bunch sorting, the grapes are destemmed and pressed, fermentation occurs with controlled temperatures (12-16o) in stainless steel tanks. The blend of these two grapes creates a fresh wine that is surprisingly textural, not unlike a quality chardonnay with some age on it

ABV: 14.0%

Country: Portugal

Region: Alantejo


  • Antão Vaz
  • Verdelho
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