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Les Caves du Sieur d'Arques Limoux Chardonnay Toques et Clochers Haute Vallee 75cl

Country: France
This excellent Chardonnay comes from the Caves du Sieur d'Arques cooperative based at Limoux in the Aude region of the Languedoc. The co-op was founded in 1946 and today has over 400 members. The Toques et Clochers Chardonnay was first introduced in 1989 and takes its name from the annual gala dinner overseen by a celebrity chef (hence toques) whilst the wine is auctioned, the proceeds used to maintain the church bells of a different wine village every year (hence clochers) Aged in new oak, this superb white bears many of the hallmarks of a lighter white Burgundy. A straw-yellow in colour. Scents of peach, grapefruit and almonds. Full-bodied on the palate with hints of butterscotch and tropical fruits with underlying spicy notes provided by the oak. creamy in texture with a lingering finish, this pairs well with escargots stuffed with parsley and garlic, veal kidneys al la moutarde or a chunk of creamy Brie.

ABV: 13.0%

Country: France

Region: Languedoc


  • Chardonnay
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