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Lesc Vin de Pays de Gers Plaimont 75cl

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Country: FranceSuggested Food Pairing: Fish

It all began in the mid-1970s when André Dubosc – a third-generation wine grower – set out to build up the reputation of the wines from their region of South-West France. He and other passionate young winegrowers fashioned local dry white wines (now a PGI: Côtes de Gascogne), revived the Saint Mont appellation and gave a new breath of life to the Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, made from late-harvested grapes. In 1979, these women and men, who put their heart, soul and know-how into producing the best the terroir could offer, decided to strengthen their foothold by uniting their wine cellars and estates. And so they set up the Plaimont union of cooperatives (“Pl” for Plaisance, “Ai” for Aignan and “Mont” for Saint Mont).

From the outset, Plaimont acquired the region’s finest châteaux and estates to rebuild those iconic vineyards and give a new impetus to the region. The Cave de Condom and many smaller wineries joined Plaimont to support its development.

ABV: 13.0%

Country: France

Region: Gascony


  • Colombard
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