Luigi Bosca

Luigi Bosca La Linda Torrontes

Country: Argentina

Exotic, clean and bright golden white wine. Well-defined aromatic notes of orchid, musk and ripe apricot. Felt with an oily texture in the mouth, and creates a general harmonious sensation. Prolonged finish and penetrating acidity.

Established in 1901 by Leoncio Arizu, Bodega Luigi Bosca. Currently managed by the third and fourth generations of the Arizu family, it is one of the few winemaking firms that is still owned by its founders. Its reputation, gained over the years, has made it the paradigm of Argentine wine. The Arizu Family has always worked in the search of the ultimate expression of Argentine wine, and driven the major changes to the national winemaking industry. They have consolidated their business development upon four major pillars: a strong global expansion; a reputation built on the wide expertise gained and transferred over the years; the sustained and homogeneous quality of their wines, and the perpetual search for excellence through innovation, dynamism and state-of-the art technology. As a tribute to the land and to those who work it, they have worked more than 110 years to understand the intention of the vine. The passion of four generations of the same family, shown in Bodega Luigi Bosca’s collection, reflects the result of an ambitious effort started many years ago: the wish to express the thorough version of the essence of Argentine wine. The promotion of biodiversity is another bio-dynamic key applied. The vineyards have never grown in solitude. We must make them feel part of a system, while they coexist with, and leverage other species.

ABV: 14.0%

Country: Argentina

Region: Mendoza


  • Torrontes
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