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Oh Sister Organic Tinto


Ruth de Andres trained as a Chemist in Sheffield and was just about to embark on her PhD when she realised that she couldn’t bear the thought of spending another chunk of her life in a lab, so she returned to Spain and quickly fell in love with winemaking. She studied there, then moved to Bordeaux where she completed her degree and worked Pascal Ribéreau-Gayon and Michel Rolland at Chateau Pape Clement. Returning to Spain once again she began a five year stint with Bodegas Torres before going on to manage a number of boutique wineries and then launched Aleavini with her sister Ana.

The Oh Sister Tinto is a mix of 2 vintages. The blend is made up of about 70% of wine from the previous vintage and about 30% of the young wine. And that’s the point. Mixing vintages can sound strange in modern times, but it was something very common throughout the winemaking history of Spain. It was a way to keep quality consistency: the vintage impact was balanced by mixing two different years. This technique is very useful for wines with great value. The De Andres sisters follow their own rules for this wine, which ensures the best price for the best quality.

ABV: 13.0%

Country: Spain



  • Tempranillo
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