Papillon Gin

Papillon Gin 70cl


A Dartmoor take on a London Dry gin.Zesty citrus initially, with building aromatic cardamom and gorse, rounded off by a wave of floral notes on the finish.

Distilled with 17 botanicals including Dartmoor flavours of fresh gorse flowers picked on the moor, rowan and hawthorn berries, chamomile and Devon violets grown for us by a local friend.

Named Papillon for the Pearl Bordered Fritillary, an endangered Dartmoor butterfly that feeds on wild violets.

Complex, full flavour. Fresh lemon and lime peel give it a citrus start, cardamom and English coriander for warm spice notes, and gorse, chamomile and violets for a floral finish.

We would recommend a double measure, over ice, with a premium tonic water and a small slice of lemon or lime peel.

ABV: 42.0%




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