Mionetto Prosecco DOC Treviso Luxury

It is the most classic of Italian aperitifs. We are talking about a quality Prosecco, in this case from the DOC area of Treviso, and elaborated with a moderate dosage in Extra Dry version. It is offered by Mionetto, a historic company in the region that certainly needs no introduction. For over a century, in fact, it has represented the production excellence of Prosecco with its wines. The Glera grapes, harvested when fully ripe, are brought to the cellar to be vinified in white. The resulting wine is then placed in autoclaves for the subsequent sparkling phase using the Charmat method. Fruity notes of apple, acacia, citrus and almond, typical of the grape variety of origin, delineate a particularly pleasant aromatic framework.

ABV: 11%

Country: Italy

Region: Treviso


  • Glera
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