Quantock Brewery

Quantock Brewery, 'Tenacious 3' Pale Ale 440ml


And we brewed the first thing that came to our heads, that just so happened to be, The best beer in the world, it is the best beer in the world. Well, truth is, we couldn’t just brew the best beer in the world. So this is a tribute the best beer in the world. Alright! Made with a smooth, light foundation and yeast inspired by New England, this small yet powerful creation features a mix of American hops, offering hints of tropical fruits, grapefruit and citrus. Don’t be deceived by its low ABV; this cleverly crafted beer is exceptionally easy to drink, a modern marvel showcasing bold, rich flavours that don’t always come in large packages.

ABV: 3.4%

Country: England

Region: Somerset


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