Vistamar Reserva Pinot Noir

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Vistamar Sepia Reserva Pinot Noir is from Chile. Vistamar wines originate from the broad Central Valley through to the individual terroirs of the Casablanca, Maipo and Limari Valleys. The winemakers know every detail of each valley to allow them to product the wine wines according to each variety's specific climatic conditions. They harvest at just the right moment to achieve good concentration of tannins and to obtain elegant, well structured wines. Traditionally Pinot Noir is a difficult and expensive grape.This is a superb Pinot Noir - light and very soft and really great value. Gentle bottom of a barrel, vegetal nose. Soft warm fruit flavours amd pleasing soft lingering aftertaste.

ABV: 14%

Country: Chile

Region: Central Valley


  • Pinot Noir
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