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Isle of Wight Vodka 70cl


Wight Vodka, uniquely distilled seven times in small batches, blended and bottled in London under the watchful eyes and direction of a seventh generation master distiller with over 300 years of family experience. Wight Vodka is the only 42% abv, potato-based luxury vodka, hand-crafted in the United Kingdom today.

Wight Vodka’s slightest scents of beach plum and honeysuckle pay tribute to island life and warm holidays spent with great company by the ocean.

The underpinning of Wight Vodka is created through exceptional quality potato spirit, carefully sourced from an award-winning distillery founded centuries ago.

Why did the crew at 50° North choose potato spirit? For the reason that potato spirit crafts full-bodied, ultra smooth vodka.

Over the years, the time invested in sourcing the finest ingredients, testing various distillation processes and polishing the taste of Wight Vodka has resulted in a finished product that is as unique and bold as the free spirits who take to the ocean for adventure.

ABV: 42.0%




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