Wedding Wine

Planning your wedding can be a stressful time, but we can make sorting the wedding wine easier for you. Here at The Wine Box we stock a wide range of red, white and rose wines that are perfect for your big day and you are guaranteed to find something to suit every guest. And with free delivery across the UK when you spend £250, you can’t go wrong!

Wedding wine calculator

How much wine do I need for my wedding? This is a very good question and one that is hard to answer as it really depends on how much your friends and family like to drink! Use our wedding wine calculator to get an idea of how many bottles you should buy for your wedding to make sure you have enough to go around.

How do you work out how many bottles of Champagne or sparkling wine I need for my wedding reception?

Everyone likes a glass of something fizzy when they arrive at a reception. There is a wide choice of great tasting wine to choose from whether you are looking for Champagne, cava or prosecco.

Once you have made your choice, how many bottles will you need?

The general rule is to plan for half a bottle-a-head for a typical drinks reception.

Even if you have a 90-minute welcome while you greet everyone and have your photos, this will provide enough to offer a top-up to the guests’ glasses. By offering a glass on arrival and then topping up those who need more refreshment, rather than pre-pouring a set number of glasses, you will save on glass hire as well as keeping waste down.

Here are the numbers for a 100 person reception:

A single glass on arrival – 15 bottles or a glass with top-ups while your photographer goes to work – 48 bottles maximum (half a bottle per guest).

You will probably have some left over as some of your guests will drink soft drinks or won’t require the top-up. The number above will cover you in almost all cases.

How many bottles of wine do I need for the meal?

For dinner, you’ll need to think about the table wine. Again, a half bottle per head works perfectly.

If you look at half a bottle of red and half a bottle of white for each person, you’ll have plenty for everyone. Some guests will drink more, some less, but in our experience, this has rarely failed.

You may want to offer rosé too. Even though it is a terrific party drink, you will need to have much less of this than red or white.

For a dinner for 100 guests, you need to think about:

  • 50 bottles of red.
  • 50 bottles of white.
  • 10/12 bottles of rose (as an optional extra).

You’ll have more than enough, especially if you have a bar for the rest of the evening.

How many bottles of Champagne do I need for a champagne toast?

The champagne toast is usually made at the beginning or end of a wedding breakfast meal. This isn’t supposed to be a large drink. It’s just a taste, and, oddly enough, it’s often left by some guests. You should aim to get slightly more from a bottle than when calculating for other parts of your day.

How many glasses should you get per champagne bottle?

There are six regular sized glasses of Champagne per 75cl bottle. For your toast, you should aim to pour seven.

If your toast is planned for after the meal, your guests will probably have drunk a fair amount already, and this will probably mean many of your guests won’t finish the glass. It is possible to save some budget here which could be used for evening entertainment or food.

Here is how a toast works out for a gathering of 100 people:

15 bottles for a toasting measure (leaving a finger space from the top of the glass) or 17 if you’re going to pour a full measure.

If you think you may be able to use the odd leftover bottle after your wedding, two dozen bottles will more than cater for any eventuality (failed attempts to open the bottle with a sword etc.), and as Champagne is regularly supplied by the half dozen case, 18 is an excellent number to order.

Cases of wine for weddings

We stock a wide range of cases of wine for weddings if you want to bulk buy a mix of wines that we have preselected for you, or you can mix and match from our single bottles.

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